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Container Program

Many of our customers require large quantities of tires. To accommodate them we have instituted our Container Program to save them time and money. Virtually any brand and any pattern are available. Some brands may have an exclusive distributor already, but don’t worry, when this happens usually the same factory will make the same tire with a different name. This enables them to sell as many tires as possible to many different customers.


Buying containers is easy and it will save you a ton of money because you are buying on bulk tire purchases. Contact us for pricing!

Please keep in mind that Texas residents are required to pay sales tax, business with a sales and use tax permit are exempt. Deliveries outside the state of Texas incur no sales tax.

How It Works

Contact us at Sales@JNPTireGroup.com or 713-715-6559 or 1-866-931-4428 so that we can discuss your needs and see if we can accommodate your business. If you have a tire you are already running and are looking to get a better price, we will need photos of the tread pattern, brand name, DOT number, ply ratings, load ratings, speed ratings and tire size. After we have this information we will contact our counterparts in Asia to determine your options and pricing.

How Many Tires

Containers generally have between 250 and 276 tires depending on the tire sizes. The container is a 40ft high cube container.

The Transaction

Once we have settled on the details, the order will be placed with the factory. All orders must be PREPAID. The factory will then produce the tires as requested. Most popular patterns are already made and just waiting for order. Production time, if tires are not in stock, is 15 – 30 days depending on the factory. Shipping can take about 1 month.


Get Started

To get started on your first shipment call JNP Tire Group LLC at Sales@JNPTireGroup.com or 713-715-6559 or 1-866-931-4428 and we’ll help you start saving money.


Generally, tire shipments are costly and there is significant risk involved when dealing with foreign companies. Fraud and theft are all too common in the developing world and to trust such a large purchase to an unknown entity can be a bit overwhelming. JNP Tire Group gives you a piece of mind. We have all shipments inspected during the loading to ensure quantities, patterns, sizes, and tire counts are accurate before departure.

We realize that for some of our customers their container load of tires might represent a significant portion of their capital which is why we go out of our way to protect that capital with factory inspection and verification.

No international risk while doing business with JNP Tire Group!

To get your first container or multiple containers on their way call JNP Tire Group to place your order.

**Prices are based on a recent transaction and does not indicate the future price of tires. There are many factors affecting pricing, please call for details